Video Game Rocker
November 28, 2014

toys for christmas Video Game Rocker                                      

Video Game Rockers can be comfortable, space savers and great accent pieces.

Some rockers can be unfolded to make a mattress for nap time.

Some have a subwoofer in the seatback and the rocker functions as a portable audio device booster for video games, movies and music.

Video Game Chair

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Video Game Lounger

You might prefer the video game lounger. These come with full range speakers and subwoofer built into the ergonomically designed headrest. They fold nicely for convenient storage. Later you can just fold it out and lay back and enjoy your favorite movie or video game. No longer will you have to disturb everyone else with a blaring TV while playing games because the speakers are right next to your ears in the headrest.

Wireless Video Game Chair

The Wireless Video Game Rockers are used with gaming consoles and A/V components. They usually have a range of around 25 feet. These also are designed for ergonomic comfort and have built-in speakers and subwoofer for full-range sound. You can also choose a video gaming chair that has an adjustable headrest for maximum comfort.

They are usually compatible with a variety of consoles and components, such as, the PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, iPod, TV, VCR, DVD, MP3 players, PSP, and DS Lite. Be sure to check the specifications for the chair that you choose.

Rock and Fold Chair

The Rock N' Fold Chair by Step2 is a favorite for children age seven to eleven years old. Having been built low to the ground it provides easy, stable rocking. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for gaming or watching TV. It has moulded armrests and a carrying handle. It folds neatly into an upright or flat position for storage. Helps with proper posture while sitting on the floor.

Video Game Chairs

These chairs or rockers are great for indoor or outdoor leisure time activities. Most feature a carrying handle to make them easily portable.

Review Comments:

"Bought one for my son. Loved it so much, bought one for myself."

"I just bought one of these chairs for my husband for Christmas. He hasn't gotten off this thing yet."

Where to Buy Video Game Rocker

Enjoy the comfort of a video game rocker or chair . Popular gift items sell out quickly during the holiday season so don't be caught this Christmas with "Sold Out". If you find Amazon is sold out, then try Ebay "Buy It Now" offerings or online at


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